Handmade for the Holidays! Gifts From the Kitchen

Photo of cookies by Mars, FlickrOkay, I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of this recipe for maple rosemary popcorn that a colleague shared with me.  My son and I made it last night, and it was difficult to not plop down on the couch with pan in lap and consume it all at once.  Good thing we made it for him to take to school to share; we were forced to control ourselves.  As of today this is my new favorite holiday food gift recipe.  I will make big batches, package them in tins found at thrift stores and send them to family members as holiday gifts. I know they will love eating it, and on my limited budget I can share in making the holidays festive for my far-flung loved ones without running up more credit card debt. More food for thought:

May your creative efforts in the kitchen this season bring you and your dear ones good-eating cheer!

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