“You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Book cover for Creating Your Best LifeWhat I like about the New Year is that I’m under the illusion that all things are new again.

I never give up on making a list of things I’d like to do in the upcoming year. My approach to New Year’s resolutions was inspired by a presenter I heard a number of years ago. She suggested  dividing your life into thirds, one third for your family and friends, one third for your career and one third for yourself. To further define creating balance in your life she suggested getting mentors for four areas of your life. The four areas were physical, intellectual, spiritual and social.

I’ve since learned that these four areas are considered elements of the dimensions of wellness. Wellness is a concept first mentioned by Dr. Halbert L. Dunn a little over 50 years ago. A prestigious award is presented in his honor by the National Wellness Institute. Over the years various experts have added elements they believe add balance to our lives. One example can be found in the great book about businesses achieving greater success by helping employees find personal success,  “The Dream Manager” by Matthew Kelly.

Below are elements that go into my New Year’s resolutions along with examples of related books that you can find at your library.








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One Response to “You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do” –Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. Damari says:

    Nice. I like seeing humor included under the spiritual heading. I firmly believe it’s part of a balanced life.