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Grid of Hearts artwork by LarkspurThe origins of St. Valentine’s Day are a bit murky, but on February 14 we let our loved ones know they are loved by giving cards, flowers and confections. (Or for some, even jewelry!) I’m a big fan of bringing handmade originality to gift giving, so I’m highlighting selections from our book collection and upcoming library programs to help you create your own special cards and edible gifts for this occasion.

There are many titles in the DBRL collection on card making that run the gamut from very simple to complex card types, including pop-up cards.  Alisa Golden is a book artist, but many of her simpler book designs make beautiful cards.  Her instructions are clear, and there is much inspiration to be found in her work.  I checked out her titles so frequently that I finally broke down and purchased them.

Heart Print, artwork by LarkspurWondering what to say in that card you just hand-made?  Let the romantic poetry books on this list fuel your personal sentiments.  Or perhaps include another’s poem if you are feeling at a loss for words–a good way to spread around poems like “We Were Love” by Yaedi Ignatow.

Moving on to sweets and zeroing in on chocolate, here is a list of cookbooks featuring chocolate desserts, cookies and candy. What about making a dark chocolate truffle tart to wow your sweetie?  Nicole Hunn has this easy recipe on her blog Gluten-Free on a Shoestring (which also happens to be a book in DBRL’s collection).  I made it recently for my son’s 16th birthday, at his request, and the artful looking tart was divinely rich and delicious.  If gluten is not a dietary issue for you, simply use a regular pastry crust for this tart.

On February 9 the Southern Boone County Public Library has a Valentine’s Card Party providing an opportunity for kids to get in on the card making, and the weekend of February 11 the Friends of the Columbia Public Library are having a book sale featuring romance novels, among other genres.  Check out our online program guide for details.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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