Fuel Prices Have You in the Market for a New Car? Visit Your Library First

Gas Price Update, photo by Paulo Ordoveza, FlickrAs fuel prices rise again, many of us are considering how we can save money by using less gas. Some lifestyle changes we can make are relatively simple:  buy groceries once a week instead of several times; carpool and combine trips when possible; and don’t drive when you could walk, bike or use public transit. If you have a car that gets poor gas mileage, though, you may be looking to make a bigger change, like getting a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Each April, Consumer Reports publishes its annual auto issue, highlighting the best new models as well as the best used cars, and each vehicle’s report card includes an estimate of its fuel economy. You can read this magazine at your library, but if you’d rather access this information online, we have a subscription to ConsumerReports.org too — this allows DBRL cardholders to access articles through the library’s website 24/7 from home. We also have an automotive subject guide that provides information related to maintenance and repairs, pricing for new and used automobiles and resources to help you choose the best vehicle for your needs. 

Even if you won’t be getting a new car anytime soon, don’t underestimate the money you could save by modifying your driving habits. Maintaining a consistent speed, slowing down and keeping your car in good working order (properly inflated tires, tight gas cap, clean air filter, etc.) can make a big difference in how quickly your fuel gauge drops.

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