Bette Davis Said, “Old Age Isn’t for Sissies.” I Say, “No Kidding!”

The Big Shift by Marc FreedmanIf you’re like me and have experienced 50+ birthdays, then you’re traveling into a new territory in your life, typically referred to as the “retirement years.” We’re thought of as either planning for retirement or in retirement. Personally, I think we need a new term to define our “retirement or retirement-to-be years.” Definitely a word that means something other than “withdraw.”

The 50+ crowd is too busy to withdraw from life.  We are working, raising children, caring for our parents and volunteering.  We are learning new skills and making a difference in our communities. We are struggling with personal health issues or a family member’s health concerns.  Our achievements are spectacular – just consider Sister Madonna Buder who completed the Hawaii Ironman triathlon at the age of 75!

Where do we begin to look for resources for support, encouragement and inspiration?

Our librarians have developed a perfect place for us to start.  Under the 50+ tab above, we’ll find four headings that lead us to information and organizations directly related to our lives.

You can also find what’s under the 50+ tab by selecting any of the links listed below.

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