Hunting for Eggs in the Woods and Other Easter Traditions

Photo of Easter Eggs by vanherdehaage, FlickrEaster.  Time for jelly beans, chocolate rabbits and eggs! While browsing the Web recently, I came across this article on baking eggs, rather than hard-boiling them for Easter.  With just my husband and I at home, boiling a few eggs at a time is no big deal. However, for those with children, large families or functions to attend, this sounded like a pretty good method for making large quantities of hard-boiled eggs in a relative hurry.  What also intrigued me was the author’s claim that this method makes the eggs creamier than hard-boiling.  I can not wait to test that out.

Different families across America have different traditions for their Easter Sunday.  Ham, scalloped potatoes, deviled eggs, church, Easter egg hunts — well, the list goes on.  In my family, we were served creamed eggs on toast for Sunday brunch after finding all the eggs.  Now, this did make for an incredibly colorful meal, as generally some of the dye had leached onto the egg.  So instead of a nice white with yellow yolk on top, our creamed eggs were a mix of bright pinks, greens and blues.  Even more fun, in my opinion.

Another tradition in my family was to go camping over Easter weekend.  This meant, of course, that we hauled a dozen or so brightly colored eggs out with us, too.  One year our German Shepherd brought them all back, laying them gently under my mother’s chair.  And one year my mother split up the eggs into two areas, which led to my husband and brother-in-law tearing up and down the hill looking for the eggs, determined to beat the girls; my sister and I strolled along the creek, sort of looking for our half but mostly chatting.  I bet you can guess who “won.”

Although finding eggs in the woods was a lot different than at home,  the message was still there – spending time with family.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your family this Easter Sunday, check out our Community Calendar.  Need help finding a church or spiritual center? See our list here.  Want to find something tasty to make your family? I’ve made this short list of cookbooks in our catalog.  While they may not exactly say “Easter” or “egg,” I think they say “family” pretty well, regardless of your own traditions.

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