Food for Your Hunger (Games)

Hunt, Gather, Cook by Hank ShawFor the past week or so, my husband has been buried in The Hunger Games books.  He has forced himself to stop reading at midnight on week nights and looked forward to short work days and weekends when he can read for hours on end to finish the trilogy. Finishing the first book on a Friday night, we went to see the movie the next morning (my second time seeing the movie, not going to lie here).

As my husband has been completely occupied with Suzanne Collin’s increasingly popular books, I recently found myself finally reading my latest issue of Self magazine. Flipping through the pages, I mostly skimmed the articles and checked out the pictures until I came across the caption, “Eat like Katniss: Get Hunger Games recipes at” I thought, “Eat like Katniss?!?! Why didn’t I think of that?!”  But now, of course, I have a whole new party scheme for when the movie comes out on DVD.  Or when “Catching Fire” arrives in the theaters next fall.  Or BOTH. (Watch out, oh friends of mine.)

The food in the series is varied.  You get rich dishes from the Capitol, while in District 12 they follow more of a paleo diet, with the addition of food from the Mellark family bakery.  It provides a nice entertaining balance, as you can pick and choose what sort of treats you want to cook up for eating while you watch the movie or read the book, either way.

If you want to be inspired to cook and eat like Katniss, check out one of these cookbooks.

Or for a more local twist, check out “Cooking Wild in Missouri” by Bernadette Dryden.

Don’t know what to read now that you’ve finished The Hunger Games series?  Check out this compilation of similar books librarian Brandy Sanchez put together for our DBRLTeen blog.

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