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Book cover for Bram Stoker's DraculaMove over Edward, the real Drac is back! For those thirsting (pun intended) for scary vampire stories this summer, here are some classic and not-so-classic vampire tales guaranteed to make you jump at every sound.

While tales of vampires have been around for centuries, English writer Bram Stoker introduced the world to “Dracula” in 1897. Vampires are now deeply embedded in our literature, movies and culture. Stephen King, no stranger to the world of horror, gave us “Salem’s Lot,” about a sleepy Maine town that never suspects what the new owners of the Marston House have in store for them. This book, which may be one of the scariest ever, will make you think twice about that tap at the window.  Anne Rice, in an “Interview With the Vampire” and the Vampire Chronicles series, tells the story of the Vampire Lestat, later portrayed by Tom Cruise on the big screen. If these books leave you craving more, here are some other scary reads from the library stacks.

I Am Legend” by University of Missouri graduate Richard Matheson is the story of Robert Neville, who may be the last human on Earth but is very far from alone when the sun goes down. This story has been a Hollywood favorite with such notables as Vincent Price (“Last Man on Earth”), Charleston Heston (“The Omega Man”) and Will Smith tackling the role of Neville.

Justin Cronin’s recent novel, “The Passage,” is an apocalyptic tale of vampires and a “plague” unleashed from a secret U.S. military installation. The second book in the author’s planned trilogy, “The Twelve,” will be released in October of this year.

The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova might be the only book where one will find a vampire librarian. This historical tale, much of which is told through old letters, spans several decades and much of Europe as a young woman searches for her missing father.

Dracula: The Undead” is advertised as a sequel to the original classic and was co-written by Dacre Stoker, a descendent of Bram. The story takes place 25 years after the original novel ends and includes the survivors.

Of course, we cannot forget graphic novels. The chilling “30 Days of Night” takes place in Barrow, Alaska, which undergoes a month of no sun every year. Imagine what happens when vampires figure that out. There is also a recent graphic adaptation of “Dracula” now available.

What are your favorite vampire tales? Share them in the comments!

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