What to Read While You Wait for Gone Girl

Book cover for Gone Girl by Gillian FlynnOne of the hottest books this summer is the mystery/thriller “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.  Like many good mysteries, things are not as they seem in this tale of a missing wife and a husband under suspicion. Its popularity has kept it at or near the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list for over a month and resulted in a rather long waiting list here at the library. So, if you are currently on that list and looking for something to read while you wait, or have already read it and would like something similar, you might try one of these books.

Book cover for Faithful Place by Tana FrenchFaithful Place” by Tana French
Frank and Rosie were supposed to run away together, but she didn’t show up for their rendezvous and was never seen again.  Twenty-two years later, her suitcase is discovered at the meeting place and Frank, now a Dublin homicide detective, must return to his old neighborhood in hopes of learning what really happened that fateful night.

Book cover for When Will There Be Good News? by Kate AtkinsonWhen Will There Be Good News?” by Kate Atkinson
After a doctor disappears, her nanny enlists the help of PI Jackson Brodie in tracking her down.  Everything may hinge on the whereabouts of the recently released man who murdered the doctor’s family thirty years ago and may have picked up right where he left off.

Book cover for The Bright Forever by Lee Martin

The Bright Forever” by Lee Martin
A 9-year-old girl goes missing and the dark secrets held by the residents of a small town begin to come to the surface as two men are suspected of a brutal crime. Finalist for the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.

Book cover for Die for You by Lisa Unger

Die for You” by Lisa Unger
When Isabel’s husband disappears, she learns that he has been legally dead for years and everyone he worked with is also dead. Now she is determined to discover who the man she married really is and what secrets he is hiding.

Have other similar titles to recommend to your fellow readers? Let us know in the comments!

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