Halloween: It’s Not Just for Kids

My husband decorates for Halloween the way most people decorate for Christmas. He starts out subtly with a couple pumpkins on the front steps. Then, the spooky paper lanterns. And finally, the headless horseman. He spends weeks brainstorming and researching new costume and decoration ideas. Our DVR is filled with shows like the Travel Channel’s “Scariest Halloween Attractions” and HGTV’s “Halloween Tricked Out.”

The theme for our annual Halloween party this year is “post-apocalyptic.” It was inspired by our mutual love of the TV show, “The Walking Dead.” We have encouraged our guests to come dressed in accordance with the way they think the world will end. Global warming? Then come wearing fins and a snorkel. Aliens? Fashion a helmet out of tin foil. Methane sink? Drop by Army Surplus for a gas mask.

For my fellow Halloween revelers, I would like to share some of the library’s gems to help you plan a frighteningly creative celebration:

A Is for Armageddon” by Richard Horne
This book is a series of hilarious infographics focusing on the many ways the world could possibly end. The colorful and eye-popping design almost makes you forget how eerily close we may be to the end times. Almost.


Zombie Cupcakes” by Zilly Rosen
This book is for cake decorating junkies with a flare for Halloween. My favorite recipe is for radioactive key lime cupcakes. Visit the author’s blog for more unexpected flavor combinations at girlichef.com.


Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs to Amuse Your Friends and Scare Your Neighbors” by Tom Nardone
Fire up those power tools, ladies and gents! This book includes some interesting, often gross, patterns to spice up your pumpkin carving. Mr. Nardone’s first book was so popular, it inspired a sequel, “Extreme Pumpkins II.”

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  1. Cyndy says:

    Thanks for the tips. Happy Halloween!