Staff Picks for You, Crafty McCrafterton

The holidays are here! Time to channel your inner Martha Stewart and knock your friends’ socks (that perhaps you knitted yourself) off with some handmade gifts.

Book cover for Knits to Give by Debbie BlissLately I’ve been parked on the couch after the kiddos are in bed, listening to the Playaway of Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild,” and knitting up a slew of cotton washcloths to go with the handmade soaps I bought for teacher and neighbor gifts this year. If you are a knitter, you can check out “Knits to Give” by Debbie Bliss, which details several projects that can be completed in just a couple of hours.

Book cover for Wrapagami by Jennifer PlayfordIf you are a sucker for cute,  “Microcrafts” will be right up your alley. Make felted necklaces with tiny pockets to hold secret notes or little monster dolls just right for stuffing stockings.

You need to wrap that crafty gift, so why not use the scraps of fabric you already have and practice a little “Wrapagami“?

For more gift ideas, check out the crafts and hobbies staff picks list in our online catalog.

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