What’s the Next Book in This Series? (And Other Questions the Library Catalog Can Answer, Thanks to NoveList)

I’m pretty smitten with our online catalog. I remember the bad old days of typing “24” in the search box, expecting my results to include the DVD of episodes from the TV show of the same name. Our old catalog placed at the top of the search results list a novel entitled “Blue Moon” and the kids book “Curious George at the Parade.” Wha???? I scrolled through the first 100 search results (after that, my eyes got buggy), and the DVD of “24” was nowhere to be found. Our current online catalog, from the fine folks at BiblioCommons, gives me a list of the DVDs I expect.

This catalog gets me. It knows I’m a list-maker and like to save for later those books I hope to get around to reading someday. (Like when my kids leave for college? Maybe?) And now, the catalog just got more awesome.

Suppose you just finished “Running Blind” by Lee Child and can’t wait to read the next book in this series of Jack Reacher novels. Do a search for “Running Blind” in the catalog, select the book from the results list, and in the right-hand column on the results page, you will see the magic words “Find Series Titles and Other Books Like This With NoveList.” Click on those words, and you will see not only all of the books in this series in order, but also recommendations for other books and authors you might like. Echo Burning” is the next Jack Reacher book, and when you click on that title, you get taken right to a list in our catalog of this book in all its formats (from print to audio), so you can see what’s available and place a hold.

NoveList is one of the many subscription databases available to you for free through the library’s website, and it lets you search for works by a favorite author, read-alikes and book discussion guides. This new integration of NoveList with our catalog takes advantage of many of the database’s book-finding tools, without requiring you to visit a separate website with an additional log-in process. Check out this new catalog feature for yourself, and find your next great read. My book-nerd heart is warmed by this new tool, and I hope yours will be, too.

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