Readers Rate Their Blind Dates With Books

For Valentines Day, two of our libraries put together blind date with a book displays, allowing readers to check out and take home a “mystery” book. We asked those readers to let us know how the date went. Disaster? Love at first sight? Here are the comments from a couple of our readers, dishing the juicy details of their dates. (Did you go on a blind date with a book? It’s not too late to rate your date!)

Book cover for Dragonswood by Janet Lee CareyYour blind date book: Dragonswood” by Janet Lee Care
So, how was it? Incredible
What was your first impression? This could be interesting.
Rating: five hearts
Comments: I found my blind date at the Ashland library. An incredible book, it was a fun piece of fantasy fiction with a nod to historical fiction. With excellent writing, great characters and fun adventure, this book is a warm cup of cocoa on a wintry night (with extra marshmallows)!

Book cover for Freedom by Jonathan FranzenYour blind date book: Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen
So, how was it? Incredible
What was your first impression? This could be interesting.
Rating: four hearts
Comments: I loved the book display and appreciate you going to so much trouble. It was really fun to get a book I would never have known to pick up. I wanted to comment further about my “date.” At one point, I thought “This guy is really long winded. Does he have to go on and on and on like he does to get the character study made effectively?” If I was really on a date, I’d be running for cover! However, by the end, I was very impressed with the psychological study interwoven with the current tough times we live in. Thanks!!

Book cover for Black Water Rising by Attica LockeYour blind date book: Black Water Rising” by Attica Locke
So, how was it? Better than I expected.
What was your first impression? This could be interesting.
Rating: three hearts
Comments: I was pleasantly surprised by the book. It’s something I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. I would like to see a display like this remain as a permanent fixture at the library.

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