Reader Review: The Dwarves

Editor’s note: This review was submitted by a library patron during the 2013 Adult Summer Reading program. We will continue to periodically share the best of these reviews throughout the year. Many thanks to all of those who participated!

dwarvesThe first in a series of four, “The Dwarves” by Markus Heitz takes place in an alternate world where five kingdoms (or clans) of dwarves were tasked by their creator to protect the humans, elves, wizards and other dwellers of their land from evil forces from outside, such as orcs, ogres and a race of twisted, evil elves. The prologue details how one of the kingdoms was betrayed and failed in that task. Fast forward a few centuries and our tale picks up with Tungdil – a dwarf raised among humans – getting unwittingly pulled into dwarven politics and a bid to save the world, essentially. There is some great world building, but the characters are the real draw here, particularly Tungdil as he deals with everything that is thrown at him and begrudgingly becomes a good leader.

Two words that describe this book: Absorbing, action-packed

You might want to pick this book up if: You enjoy fantasy and adventure and a good, character-driven story.


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