Fun Tech Friday: Someecards, Bitstrips and - I let my kids watch three hours of TV so I could finish reading my novel.Not all tech tools need to enhance your productivity or keep you organized and connected. Apps and websites that help you create funny pictures and memes to email to friends or post on Facebook are awesome, too.

You have probably seen in your news feed or inbox a drawing of a woman slumped in a chair accompanied by a caption reading something like this: “Why do they want dinner every single night?” These pairings of stock images with funny text can be created using the website Someecards. Choose from hundreds of irreverent ecards created by other users or create a free account to start creating and sharing your own.

Bitstrips offers tools for creating a personal avatar and then creating panel cartoons featuring your likeness (and likenesses of your friends, if you want). There are over 1,000 templates, with new ones added daily, so you can customize cartoons to express yourself, share something that happened today, comment on pop culture and so on. The original app is for Facebook, but the company just launched versions for Apple and Android devices. 

Cat pictureAdd speech or thought bubbles to your own photos or a selection of stock photos using the website If you have a thing for funny cat pictures, you should check out this free tool.

Do you have a favorite tool for making funny pictures or creating memes? Let us know in the comments.


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