Audiobook Giveaway From Your Library

wrapped giftUpdate: This contest is now closed.

‘Tis the season for giving to others, but we suggest giving a little gift to yourself and registering to win a free audiobook from your library. Register today for a chance to receive a copy of one of the following books on CD, courtesy of the Daniel Boone Regional Library and Books on Tape.

Book cover for The Age of Miracles by Karen WalkerThe Age of Miracles” by Karen Thompson Walker
A gripping and unique coming-of-age at the end of the world story. 11-year-old Julia wakes up one morning to the news that the rotation of the earth has begun to slow, throwing the environment into disarray. Julia is also coping with the fissures in her family, the loss of friends, the hopeful anguish of love and other normal disasters of everyday life. The audiobook is read by Emily Janice Card.

Book cover for The Future by Al GoreThe Future” by Al Gore
This audiobook, read by the former Vice President himself, offers a frank assessment of six critical drivers of global change in the decades to come – economic globalization, worldwide digital communications, a growing balance of global power, unsustainable population growth, scientific revolution and disruption of ecosystems.  A sobering but important and smart discussion of our actions and their implications for the future.

Register now for your chance to win!

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