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Eat Pie, photo by Todd Lapin via FlickrDo you love pie?  Most everyone does, and in my family there is a deep vein of love for it. When my oldest son was very young, we regularly visited my mother out in the Maryland countryside. Being a chef, recipe columnist and cookbook writer, she has tons of cookbooks. At the age of 2, my son pulled “Martha Stewart’s Pies and Tarts” off a low bookshelf at her house and started leafing through it, totally absorbed by all the sumptuous photos of scrumptious pies presented therein. It became his favorite picture book, and for the next year or so, every time we visited “Banana” he would go directly to the bookcase, extract it from the shelf and sit to feast his eyes.

Peanut Butter Pie, photo by Stefani via FlickrMy youngest son’s first sentence was “Mo’ pie,” as in “More pie.” He was sitting in his booster seat at my sister’s kitchen table. We (my extended family and I) were enjoying a homemade pecan pie, and he had just finished his first ever piece of this divine concoction. I could tell he was enjoying it, and through his eyes I saw the gears turning in his mind – he was formulating something.  Then, with effort, he let that two word sentence fly. We all busted out laughing, which delighted him, and then I gave him another sliver, which delighted him even more.

I am pleased to inform you that January 23 is National Pie DayNow, you don’t really need an excuse to tuck a sweet or savory filling between buttery layers of crust that flake up with baking, but if your culinary life has been deprived lately of this comforting treat, why not take the time now and celebrate this pie-designated day. What about an earthy and filling chicken pot pie for dinner and then a refined and decadent chocolate chess pie, dolloped with whipped cream, for dessert? There is no shortage of options – here’s proof. If you are gluten intolerant, as I am, you can still enjoy pie because there are lots of recipes for gluten-free crusts roaming around out there. It’s cold outside! Turn that oven on; make and bake a pie. You’ll warm your home, then your belly and finally your heart.

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