Bookmarks, Round Two: Lost and Found

I had so much fun creating my last post about odd and interesting bookmarks that I decided to do another one! This time, in addition to seeing what other people use as bookmarks, I turned to the found bookmarks box in the Columbia Public Library’s circulation department. Here is what I found.

I don’t know what this bookmark’s original use was, but it sure is adorable!


Eeee!!! So is this one!

Hand drawn bookmark

Navigating your future: an interactive journey to personal and academic success.

3 - Navigating Your Future

A vintage and well-loved bookmark.

Vintage bookmark

A tarot card, explaining the horseshoe spread.

Photo of a tarot card

Hot dog, I like this bookmark!Hot dog bookmark

Stephanie, in the CPL Circulation Department, pulled all of these sticky notes out of a used book that she bought.

Post-it notes left behind in a used book

Elf, of the CPL Children’s Team, loves her pompom bunny bookmark.

Bunny bookmark

Lauren, a CPL Librarian, uses this eco-friendly item as a bookmark.

Leaf used as a bookmark

If you enjoy seeing what people leave behind in books, then you will probably love the book “Forgotten Bookmarks” by Michael Popek. The author works at a family used bookstore by day, where he finds most of these treasures. If you’re not sold on this book, check out the author’s website to get an idea of what treasures he finds in old books.

Do you use something interesting as to keep your place in a book? Send us a picture of it!

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