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Book cover for Mom and Me and Mom by Maya AngelouMom & Me & Mom” is a telling of the relationships that Maya Angelou had with her paternal grandmother and mother, as well as her role as a mother to her son.  It is a very touching story of the ability of a mother and daughter pair to reconcile after an early abandonment and the lessons the two women were able to impart to one another. Maya Angelou also touches on how her relationship with her paternal grandmother shaped her as a woman and as a mother to her only son. I gave this book only four of five stars because if you have read some of Maya Angelou’s other autobiographical novels, many of the stories will be very familiar, even if the details don’t quite match up.

Three words that describe this book: insightful, heartwarming, motherhood

You might want to pick this book up if: You are looking for a deeper understanding of the woman Maya Angelou. This book also serves to give a new lens through which to view your own relationship with your mother and gives good anecdotes to inform how to be a powerful and influential mother.


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