Dracula, and Other Literary Pet Names

Photo of a dog with a bookAs you may already be aware, we have a lot of books here at the library. The number of books the library has on different niche subjects always amazes me. We have books on topics that I didn’t even know existed! For example, I recently discovered that we have a few books dedicated to naming one’s pets. Inspired by these books, as well as a recent post on the literary blog BookRiot, I decided to come up with some literary names for pets (with the help of some coworkers and friends). Here is the resulting list of book-inspired animal names. Feel free to steal them.

Literary names for dogs (Bonus game: if you don’t already know, guess which books these names came from. Click on the links to see the answers.)

  • Rooster – Mattie, the protagonist of this book would also work, or even Portis, the author’s last name.
  • Primrose – if I ever get a tiny terrier, I volunteer as tribute to use this name!
  • Snowy – another good name for a (white) terrier.
  • Oliver – a pet name with a literary Twist!
  • Daisy – a classic pet name that could also be a reference to a classic book.
  • Atticus, or, of course, Scout.
  • Charley – for the French poodle.
  • Hank – perfect for a cowdog!

Literary names for cats

  • Photo of a cat on a bookshelfCrookshanks – Hermoine Granger’s cat, which is part Kneazle. (Kneazle wouldn’t be a bad name either.)
  • Pete – an obvious one, but still pretty cute.
  • Seuss or Hat, though that might get confusing.
  • Jane – for classic book lovers.
  • Dracula! I am definitely using this one if I ever get another cat.
  • Langston – a great writer with a great name.
  • Franny or Zooey.
  • Ramona or Beezus.

Literary names for fish

  • Coraline, but really, what Neil Gaiman character doesn’t make a good pet name? Shadow, Mazikeen, Thorn – if you’re a Gaiman fan, then you’ve got lots of options.
  • Babel –  just don’t try to stick it in your ear!
  • Walden – you know, like the pond.
  • Kilgore Trout – the disgruntled prolific science-fiction author.
  • Dorian – for your Wilde little pet!
  • Captain Ahab – or you could call it Ishmael.

Do you have a perfect literary pet name? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credits
Dog photo: betta design via photopin cc
Cat photo: Mandee Carter via photopin cc

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