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The picture gives it away—I’m a dame. Or am I? In the world where I live—second floor of the library, mystery genre section—nothing is as it seems. Best not to make assumptions, my friend. So you hang out in Mysteries too? Listen, I just got a tip on a new Scandinavian page-turner—real dark, twists like you wouldn’t believe. Interested? Meet me tonight at the Reference Desk. Wear a red carnation.

Who Is Hermes Diaktoros, and What the Heck Is He Doing?

 Review of the Seven Deadly Sins Mystery Series, by Anne Zouroudi Some mysteries, especially those of the “cozy” persuasion, move at a leisurely, describe-every-parasol-and-moustache pace. This generally does not work for me. Forget the stage-dressing, give me lots of action …
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Vish Puri, India’s Most Private Detective (Review of The Case of the Missing Servant, by Tarquin Hall

Vish Puri is a 51-year-old family man, a dutiful Hindu and a proud member of the New Indian Middle Class. Somewhat on the portly side, he’s fussy about his appearance in a Hercule Poirot sort of way.  He’s also a …
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