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Book-nerd, music-maven, movie-fanatic. Purveyor of fine book lists. Dispenser of literary trivia.

In Defense of the Bard

Shakespeare. No, don’t leave! I promise this is not a blog post about old men in stiff collars doing boring recitations! Yes, Shakespeare’s works are over 400 years old. And some of them have aged better than others. There is …
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Staff Book Review: Traitor’s Blade

“Traitor’s Blade” by Sebastien De Castell Why I Checked It Out: Three best friends, roaming the kingdom, looking for justice and purpose? With swords? I’m in. What It’s About: In the European-esque, medieval setting, the Greatcoats greatly resemble Jedi Knights. These …
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Isn’t it Bromantic?

I love a good bromance. There is something heart-melting about men who aren’t romantically involved but can still show affection for each other. Some of the best friendships in literature have been between men, and I’m going to give you …
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